Why Us

We are Cat Networks, provide simple, efficient and easy to scale data center infrastructure.

  • 01.

    Our key to success is how we help you to succeed, where usually come down to what you really need and we implement best practices for you.

    • Assist with accurate demand analysis.
    • Flexible on scheduling and deployment.
  • 02.
    Fast & Efficient

    We help you to steer clear with possible problems within your infrastructure. However in case you run into one, we are here to get it solved.

    • Solve the problem before ask for anything else.
    • Simple workflow that get the job done.
  • 03.
    In-House Technician & Specialists

    Not only to provide long-term assistance that actually understands your needs, but also keeps your privacy, confidential and business safe.

    • Less time-consuming talking, less misunderstanding.
    • All employees and works are covered by strict NDA.
  • 04.
    24×7 Network Operations Center

    Whatever happens to your infrastructure, here you know we will respond.

    • All services are always monitored around the clock.
    • If unfortunately a downtime happens, we are able to respond immediately.
    • Disaster recovery plan is made in advance, therefore the loss can be minimized.
  • 05.
    IT Infrastructure Consulting

    First time? Not a problem. Simply describe what you want and we have you covered.

    • Our consultants are highly trained and have broad experience of our services.
    • The consulting service is available in Japanese, English and Chinese.
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